well done to me!!

well me and darren went and got inducted at the gym yesterday woop woop good 45 min workout and showing darren correct techniques. got home ate, got a bath then went to bed 🙂 cant half tell ive not done phys in 2 years as im sore as fuck 🙂 darren weighed in at a healthy 11 and a half stone where as i weighed in at 13 and a half oooofffff lmao.. had a good rest period and ate like a horse today ready to do a big horrible workout tomorrow wish me luck im gunna kill my self 🙂



ok gyms booked for the morning and were all set and ready to smash the place up. not looking forward to a set of scales telling me how fat i am lol cant wait to get darren in there and beast the crap out of him lol might even treat myself to a swim in the afternoon if i can move. wish us luck 🙂

Just The Ticket

over the years i have heard many people some of which i know and some of which i dont care to know say many things along the line of ” i wish i was ” ” i could do that ” i wish i could do that “…… ” im so over weight ” ” im not big enough “. ” ive tried everything/every concocktion/miricle cures/hypnosis/tablets” those who say im fat have made the first step to recovery by admiting you have a problem u therefore find the route to the cause of ur problem YOU EAT TO MUCH SHIT and then moan about it………. exersise alone is only 10% of what you really need to do 90% is actually DIETING. you dont need a new fangled miricle diet thats based on scientific research/// well thats what they all say. in fact its a bunch of hoakam and there lieing to you starving yourself with a diet of 1 scoop of a finger of dust and 1 sheet of toilet paper is not going to kill you but your certainly not going to shit properly for years after…. you dont even have to count calories and stop eating the things you like. all you have to do is cut the portions and stop being a greedy cunt… you will probably say ” i dont eat anything i dont understand” yet when ur subconsious eating kicks in you wont even realise ur eating” ohhh there it is yeh those 4 bags of crisps u eat on the sofa while laughing at what other idiots are doing on social media… i do this so im not having a dig thanks…. or that kebab uve eaten every night this week and your feeling shit…. yep this is me again and again lol.. over time ive grown board of others complaining so now its my turn, ive started this blog as a social experiment to show anyone that wants to know that you can lose weight and gain in confidence with great results in muscle mass for guys ie me and darren proving u dont need good genes to do this and for the lazy fat git inside every woman to lazy to do anything….. 24 hours in a day what exersise do u acctually do ??? working in any form does not count as exersise due to the fact it is prover that repetition on a day to day basis does not do anything as you become acustomed to doing this without consious thought there fore u have to step out of your comfort zone to make a substantial differance.. i used to be a chef and i worked out in (1) 16 hour shift i walked around 16 miles in and around the kitchen however in this time i had consumed around 6 and a half thousand calories oO wtf…….. fact i did this for 2 years solid without time out exept 1 week holiday where all i did was get smashed on alcholic beverages (this did not help)….. i gained 3 stone in this 24 month period yet i was knackered and lathargic and didnt want to do anything else. now im at an age where i want to make a difference in my self but now i have to do 1 better and prove that every1 can do something to make that change weather your a career person and have worked for 30 years, weather your unemployed and just bum around all day, or your a stay at home mum that has to juggle the kids all day. me personally ive got big then got fat, lost the fat and got skinny then ive bulked and trained then got fat again. seems im 1 unlucky sod and ive been unfortunate in the gene pool <<<<<THIS IS BULL SHIT… people go through fazes and im 1 that goes through to many lol i turn 30 in febuary and i actually hate my appearence so this time i make a change for my self and no one else im gonna get huge… im gunna shread all my fat down to a bare minimum and get leaner and im going to grow in size both in muscle and ego….. im gonna look good and feel good about myself and not give a shit what everyone else is thinking…. not that ive ever cared about what your thinking of coarse. and im going to document it on here to prove that even i can do it. get ready to see my fat roles disappear. i can tell u the truth though,,,, im not looking forward to this at all 

So the measurements are in

Darren vs Kev body measurements in inches

Wrist                   6.5     7

ForeArm             11     12

Bicep                  11     T12     13.5     T14.5

Chest                  37     42

waist/stomach     30     32/34

Calf                     14     15

Quads                18     21

Neck                   15     16.5


Well this is my First Blog Entry

Hello Every1 my names kev and this is my first Blog havnt got a clue what the hell im doing lol. but had an idea and due to the person i am i have to follow through with it 🙂 me and a friend of mine are going in to a state of metamorphasis darren’s 31 and im 29 goin on 30 and were starting at the gym on a social experiment and in 6 months were aiming to be lean enough and mucularly defined enough to enter an amateur bodybuilding competition somewhere in our local area, just hoping i dont have to travel very far because i dont do people lol. well this is my 1st entry and wont be my last tomorrow i stick my ipod touch in the fixers and then hopefully next week i can upload my 1st video entry at the gym with a fresh new mind and hopefully alittle bit more knowledge on blogging 🙂